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    Superintendent of Schools
Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr, Superintendent      
    Andrew Johnson Building, 1st floor, (865) 594-1620      

About Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr. Superintendent

Dr. James P. McIntyre, Jr.
Dr. Jim McIntyre has served in the field of education for more 20 years, with experience at both the K-12 and post-secondary levels.  He began his tenure as Superintendent of the Knox County Schools in July, 2008.  In his first year as Superintendent, Dr. McIntyre led the school system and the community through a process that produced a focused vision for the future of the Knox County Schools and a five-year strategic plan designed to achieve Excellence for All Children.

Prior to his appointment in Knoxville, Dr. McIntyre served as the Chief Operating Officer for the Boston Public Schools, where he was responsible for the day to day operations of the school district.  Jim had also served as the Budget Director for the Boston Public Schools for seven years. During Dr. McIntyre’s tenure, the Boston Public Schools was named one of the top performing urban school systems in the nation. 

As a teacher at Vincent Grey Alternative High School in East St. Louis, Illinois early in his career, McIntyre taught English, anatomy, and physical education to a diverse group of at-risk students between the ages of 16-21. 

McIntyre has served on numerous state-level working groups aimed at enhancing public education, and was also selected as a fellow in the prestigious Broad Foundation Superintendent’s Academy, an intensive ten month fellowship in the urban public school superintendency.

In 2010, Governor Phil Bredesen invited Dr. McIntyre and three others to join him in presenting Tennessee’s Race to the Top proposal to the United States Department of Education.  Tennessee was one of only two states in the country to be selected in the first round of this national competition, and was awarded $501 million for school reform and improvement.

As a parent of two Knox County Schools students, Dr. McIntyre is incredibly honored that the state-wide Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has named him the Tennessee Outstanding Superintendent of the Year for three consecutive years (2009, 2010, and 2011).

Dr. McIntyre holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Boston College, a Master of Science degree in Education Administration from Canisius College, a Master of Urban Affairs from Boston University, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy from the University of Massachusetts. 

Superintendent testifies before U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education
Dr. Jim McIntyre, Superintendent of the Knox County Schools, testified before the Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education Subcommittee (Committee on Education and the Workforce) in the United States House of Representatives on Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013, addressing the Subcommittee regarding the Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM), and the Knox County Schools’ experience in implementing the new teacher evaluation system. Dr. McIntyre's oral and written testimony is available on our website

State of the Schools Address and Report


Agreement between Board of Education and Superintendent
Adopted at Board Retreat October 2008; Adopted by the Board of Education December 2008 (Download Agreement)

(865) 594-1620
Chief of Staff
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Melissa Ogden Director of Public Affairs (865) 594-1905
Assistant Superintendent
Curriculum & Instruction
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Assistant Superintendent
Administrative Services
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Millicent Smith Executive Director, Curriculum, Instruction, Professional Development (865) 594-1750
Nakia Towns
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Executive Assistant to Board of Education
(865) 594-1630
Executive Secretary
to the Superintendent
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Knox County Schools  Strategic Plan
Content of letter from Superintendent McIntyre to the Board of Education, June 2009

Dear Board Members and KCS Stakeholders:

The strategic plan is the culmination of a year-long effort to identify and assess the strengths and the needs of the Knox County Schools. The plan builds on the vision for the future, Building on Strength: Excellence for All Children, that I presented to the Board of Education and the community in December 2008.

Just as we did with the development of the vision, we have had broad stakeholder participation and comment as we have developed this strategic plan. We have collected insights at multiple community forums and meetings with school leaders. The Knox County Council PTA, the Knox County Education Association, the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce and our school principals were also represented on the strategic plan advisory group.

This strategic plan provides a blueprint for our actions, and defines our success for the next five years. There are areas in this strategic plan that are very specific in nature, elements that are more general, and some components that will require additional research and analysis. We have clearly established goals and initiatives that will be regularly measured using a variety of methods and metrics.

This strategic plan provides for the productive development of our instructional practices, processes, and systems, as well as an educational culture that will enable us to realize higher levels of academic success for all students, and achieve our vision of Excellence for All Children.

I welcome your feedback on this  five-year strategic plan.


James P. McIntyre, Jr.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jim McIntyre presented observations and findings from his first 100 working days and offered a vision for The Knox County Schools to the Knox County Board of Education at the monthly meeting Wednesday, December 3.

From the report:
For many years, the Knox County Schools has enjoyed a strong history and proud tradition of academic success, educational innovation, and instructional leadership in Tennessee. Our school district has been the regional leader in school reform, promising teaching practice, the use of data to inform decision-making, and most importantly, student outcomes. As we look to the future, and consider the challenges that face our children, our community and our nation, we know that we must accelerate our progress, but this rich tradition of achievement will be the foundation upon which we build our path to excellence for all children.

Over the last 100 working days I have spoken with hundreds of students, parents, teachers, principals, school system staff members, community leaders, and business leaders. I have examined data and reports on many aspects of our performance, and I have consulted with leaders in the education field from around the country. I have had detailed discussions with Board of Education members, and hosted two community forums focused on the future of the Knox County Schools. I have been deliberate about listening to, and learning from the people of Knox County, and I have made it a priority to visit more than half of our schools this fall.

Some of my findings and observations about our school district include:
•    We are fortunate to have talented and committed people
•    We care about our students and their learning
•    Our parents and community are deeply committed to the education of our children
•    Our current level of funding for public education is less than optimal
•    We are innovative and open to good ideas
•    Our teachers are competent and caring, but largely do not work collaboratively
•    Our community is generally quite satisfied with the current level of student achievement
•    We have the potential and capacity to achieve much more
•    At all levels, we need and desire strong leadership, clear direction, and a bold vision for the future

I envision a future for the Knox County Schools where all of our students achieve at high levels and every school is a school of distinction; a future where high expectations and teacher collaboration are universal, and where data and technology are leveraged to improve instruction and deliver services at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

1I believe that innovation and creativity will be the hallmarks of our school district: in teaching, in management and particularly in student learning. 

Parents, community members, universities and businesses will all be active, engaged partners in the education of our young people. 

Financial resources will be tightly aligned to support our educational mission. 

Children will begin their education at an early age, and high quality instruction, rigorous curriculum, and high standards will permeate the educational landscape from early education to graduation. 

1High school students will have multiple options and pathways of high-level coursework to achieve a meaningful and valuable diploma. 

All of our teachers will be outstanding instructional practitioners and will be selected, inducted, supported, promoted, evaluated and compensated as professionals. 

Achievement gaps based on income, race, geography, language or disability will be reduced and ultimately eliminated as all students demonstrate mastery of our challenging curricular standards. 

All of our students will graduate high school ready for college, career and life. 

In short, I envision a future where we will achieve academic excellence for all of our children.

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At Knox County Schools we strive to provide those educational experiences that develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes students will need to be successful members of both our local and the larger global communities. We recognize that the world is a changing and dynamic place, and our approach to providing education must constantly be reviewed and adapted to insure we are providing our students the skills they will require to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

In addition to providing sound elementary and middle level education, which includes grounding in the arts as well as basic core subjects, KCS also offers a secondary curriculum which provides opportunities for students in college preparation, the arts, and a wide variety of vocational subject areas.

Our school system is served by over 7,000 dedicated men and women who are committed to providing all of our children an exceptional education in a safe, secure, and healthy environment. Parental involvement is also key to our success. We encourage parents to be involved in their school at all levels, and there are many very active parent organizations throughout the county that contribute immeasurably to the success of our schools.

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